Onshore & Offshore Pipeline Construction

Finally our pipeline engineering experience covers formulation of technical reports, tender packages, CAPEX/ OPEX estimates (up to detailed AACE level 3 as required), contract strategies and project programmes, procurement support and tender bid evaluations, in support of Client’s particular requirements.

The CPC Source WBDG Pages provide a broad and in-depth discussion on facilities corrosion. This content is intended as a just-in-time resource for facilities professionals to assist with the inclusion of CPC at important life cycle decision stages. The CPC Source topics include life cycle focused knowledge and training that is complemented by the vast Whole Building Design Guide resource to ensure facility durability and longevity.

The Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) hosts a large number of corrosion related criteria and Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPC) related resources. By researching and leveraging the content on the CPC Source planners, engineers, architects, designers, sustainment, and maintenance professionals, construction contractors and anyone who wants to know more about corrosion have access to a wealth of knowledge to make informed durability and longevity decisions.