Our procurement process

It is critical to understand what is procurement first because it will give an in-depth understanding of procurement and supply processes.Procurement is the term that is used to refer to the process or the act of sourcing or obtaining services or goods for a business. Some businesses use the term procurement only to refer to the actual buying while others refer to the entire process that leads up to the purchase as procurement.

The word procurement is used to refer to buying for a business and is customarily performed on a large scale. Procurement involves two companies; the buyer and the seller. But it is the act of buying that is labeled procurement and not the activities of the seller.

Procurement is usually a part of the input to a company that then uses the goods or services procured in the making of their own final product. This makes it a very vital function of any business. It is important to the success of the buyer’s business to procure the best quality of goods or services procured at the most competitive rates.